"Without finding the right college counselor I realized I was never  
going to find the right college."

"Linda’s college guidance enabled us to navigate the process with ease and confidence.  She saw the intrinsic strength in both our boys and enabled them to showcase their talents and achievements enabling each of them to put their best foot forward.  She was responsive, focused, and optimistic. She kept us ahead of schedule.  Linda more than exceeded our expectations every step of the way.  Most important, our boys bonded with Linda and trusted her implicitly.  She opened their eyes to new opportunities and gave them the confidence to pursue their dreams and maximize their potential."

"This has been such a long journey and you have been with us every step of the way.  You have been a crucial player and central influence in our daughter's decision making process about college.  You made such a difference in her decision and in our process and you have been absolutely wonderful to work with in every respect. You also taught me so much about the college application process!  I always felt that the mysterious process of college admission was under control because of your steady guidance."

"Applying to college is a long, arduous, and daunting process and for us, the process began well before our son's senior year - and thank goodness it did!  Linda Rue was highly recommended to us by a friend who used her college counseling services for her daughter, resulting in an acceptance letter to New York University.  We hired Linda during spring semester of our son's sophomore year.  From the very first meeting, we knew we had made the right decision - Linda opened our eyes to numerous possibilities.  With our son's academic and athletic ability and accomplishments, his list of colleges was wide open.  However, acceptance into college is not merely about gpa and Varsity letters,.  As Linda pointed out to us, it's about college SAT & ACT scores, a college essay worth remembering, admirable community service, campus visits, "Me" sheets, conversations with coaches and admission officers, etc.  Linda was paramount in getting our son to stay on top of all the things he needed to do to get into the college of his choice.  Whether it was by phone, email, or in person, Linda was available to us as often as needed.  Linda won't write the essay for your student nor will she take the SAT test for he/she, but what she will do for you is get to know your student personally and guide them through writing a memorable essay, scoring high on the college entrance exams, creating a one-of-a-kind  "Me" sheet, and an admirable high school transcript.  It is truly a pleasure working with Linda.  She is an amazing and very knowledgeable college counselor who not only met, but exceeded our expectations, ultimately resulting in an acceptance letter to College of the Holy Cross and the opportunity to play baseball at the college Division I Level.  We are using Linda's college counseling expertise with our second son in hopes of receiving an Appointment to the United States Naval Academy.
 Applying and getting accepted into the college of your choice can be a full-time job.  Linda will guide you through the process 100% of the way, motivating your student to achieve all that he/she can achieve. "

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