Whether you choose to hire the services of a private counselor to plan for college, to transfer from one college to another, to gain admission to a boarding school, or to apply to a professional or graduate school, here is a walk through of the comprehensive one-on-one guidance you can expect:

In-depth family interview

Follow-up personal interview

Professional evaluation of all available academic records

Professional evaluation of all standardized testing

Test-taking strategies and recommendations

Writing advice for the college essay

Development of annotated personal planning calendar

Development of detailed, balanced school list with recommended strategies for admission

Advice for interviewing, when appropriate

Guidance in the crafting of an outstanding application

Special advice for talent situations (athletic, fine arts)

Strategies and college recommendations for students with documented learning differences

ACT/SAT Test prep tutoring

Highlands Ability test, including 35 page report and personal feed-back conference, incorporating this deeper insight into the right college choice, building on student's strengths

I approach the business of educational counseling from the “whole-family” perspective. I think about my clients as individuals, but in the context of the family system, taking into account not only the child’s dreams and aspirations, but also the familial and social factors which influence educational decisions. I will work with you to develop a sound educational plan, a plan which moves you incrementally through the educational process. I will help you make the most of the opportunities which might be available to you, encouraging you to consider your uniqueness, your personality, your intellectual capabilities.

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